About me…..


My name is Melissa Gauvreau and since fashion has been a major part of my life ever since I can remember I thought it fitting that I make fashion my career, so I created Styled by M!  I help my clients feel better about themselves and help boost their confidence,  all by finding their own unique style.  Once you learn what colours look best on you and how to dress for your body type then you can start to look and feel fabulous!

I have had some interesting careers before launching Styled by M.  All of which have given me some strong tools and skills to create an image for my clients.    When I was a Program Director for Jenny Craig I created meal plans for clients while motivating and consulting them to reach their weight loss goals.  When you are eating properly and living your healthiest life possible then you look and feel amazing.   These skills have allowed me to transfer some of these health tips to my Styled by M clients.  Creating a healthier lifestyle for them.

I was also a Match Maker for an Elite Dating Service.   I  would not only match clients on blind dates but I would give them dating advice and tips which boosted their confidence in the dating world.   I have been able to transfer some of these tips to a few of my Styled by M clients for those who have become recently single and were feeling a bit lost and wanted to change their style and wanted a new refreshing look while entering the single world again.

I was a Certified Personal Trainer for a few years and I would train my clients in my home gym,  this would allow them to feel comfortable and get the maximum results during our one on one sessions.

All of these careers have one thing in common.  I love to help people feel great about themselves and build their own unique image and give them the confidence to  be their true self.   My goal is to have my clients living their best lives and feeling their best.


Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M