I love shopping in any city but shopping in NYC is on another level.    I was just in Manhattan for the 8th time and every time I go,  I love it more and more.   This time I discovered my new favorite store.  Century 21 is a department store that sells designer brands at 65% off!! Talk about a shopper’s dream store!   There are 11 locations in the States, most of them being in NY.   We were staying close to Times Square so it was a short,  scenic walk along the left side of Central Park.

Four floors of men’s and women’s clothing,  accessories,  bags,  shoes, beauty products and athletic wear!   It was heaven for me.

Let’s just say it was a successful experience.   Everything I tried on,  I loved.  It all fit me perfectly and for the first time ever I bought everything I tried on.   If you ever get a chance to shop at Century 21,  do it!

IMG_20180410_105500_358The backpack purse is Steve Madden,  regular $68 but I paid $26.  Notice the cuffs on the black pants, they are stretchy and look amazing on!  Only $16.99.   That adorable denim shirt looks even better on!  That jean skirt was meant to be mine, it fits me like a glove.  You can tell I am very excited about my purchases.   I would compare Century 21 to Simons which is a Canadian retail store but that is for another time and another blog….. so stay tuned!

Melissa Gauvreau-Styled by M

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