I must admit I do have a little addiction when it comes to shopping.  I always think I need the latest new style or the newest Adidas pants that are on the rack.   So every once in awhile I need to ask myself do I REALLY need this?    There will always be my favorite items that are must haves for me though.  In no particular order my must haves are sunglasses!  I wear sunglasses even when it’s not sunny and sometimes indoors,  especially while grocery shopping.  I feel like sunglasses are an accessory for my face.  If I am feeling tired,  I throw on a pair of shades to I hide my tired looking eyes.   If I don’t feel like wearing makeup that day,  my sunglasses dress up my face.   Going through my Instagram pics I realized most of my pictures are me with sunglasses on!  It’s kinda my thing…..


My other staple pieces for me are bomber jackets.  I love how light they are and how they fit.  So perfect to wear while shopping so you don’t have a bulky jacket on and get too warm.   I think they complete any outfit.   Flower bomber jackets are hot this year!   My favorite in my closet right now is my army green silk bomber.  It’s so light and stylish and I feel like it won’t go out of style any time soon so it’s something I can wear for years to come.


For several years I have been wearing black leggings and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.   I rarely wear jeans and you will almost always see me wearing leggings day or night,  dressed up with a pair of boots or casual with a pair of sneakers.   Since finding bamboo leggings at Shopgirls in Toronto (of course you can order online)  I refuse to wear anything else.  Not only are they incredibly soft and comfortable but they are well made and wash well.  They won’t stretch, rip or pill.   I am obsessed!  Try them and let me know how much you love them!



Something else I can’t live without are hats!  I wear hats just as much as I wear sunglasses!  If I don’t have time to do my hair,  I throw on a hat.  If I don’t feel like doing my hair,  I throw on a hat.  If I am cold,  I throw on a hat.  Basically,  you will see me in a hat 7 out of 10 times!   I even have a vintage hat box!  It’s perfect for storing them so they don’t get squashed in my closet.


Last but not least I love love love boots!  Tall boots,  short boots,  black boots,  brown boots or boots of any colour!  Boots with dresses,  boots with skirts, boots with shorts,  boots with pants and of course boots with leggings.   Boots can really make an outfit,  even dress up an outfit.  They give me a kind of confidence when I walk…. like these boots were made for walking and that’s just what they will do!


So with these five top items,  I really don’t need anything else in my closet BUT you know that my closet is filled with much much more!  Like I said I have a little bit of an addiction.

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