How I pull an outfit together!

Now that Winter is finally behind us,  I feel like we have a very small window for Spring fashion.  Before we know it Summer will be in full effect and we will be in shorts and bathing suits.   Don’t get me wrong,  I LOVE Summer.   However, I love Spring fashion as well.  Our jackets aren’t as bulky,  our boots aren’t as heavy and we lose our scarves and gloves.   So during this small window I take advantage and wear my Spring jackets as much as possible.  When I was planning my outfit last weekend I knew I wanted to wear my army green bomber jacket and finger less lace gloves.   So that was my starting point.


When I pull an outfit together I start with a piece that I want to wear and build around it.   After deciding black would be the best colour to match the jacket I pulled out my bamboo leggings and a simple but cute black top.   Now for my shoes….. it is a Friday night so I want to dress up the outfit but I also want to be comfortable so I reach for my black slouch boots.  I feel like something is missing.   Too much black!  The jacket blends in with the black on black on black and the jacket is what I wanted to show off!   I needed something to bring out the green so I tied a green and black shirt around my waist and voila!!


I was so pleased with how it came together!   Earlier in my blog I talked about finding your different style,  this look is definitely my Urban look.  Which is always my favorite look for me.   The lace gloves and the shirt softened up the look and made it an Urban meets Girly vibe.


Now for the accessories, which totally ties the whole outfit together.   The lace gloves were my main accessory I wanted to show off so I kept my accessories to a minimum to make sure the gloves really popped.

I love how this outfit came together so easily and I got to wear exactly what I wanted while feeling fabulous from head to toe.   Next time you are putting your outfit together remember how Styled by M does it and if you have any questions or want some help feel free to message me.  It’s kinda my thing!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

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