I always like to stand out a little bit when it comes to fashion.   I am stylish and like to follow trends but I like to think I have my own signature look at times.    One thing I love wearing that usually gets me a few strange looks are knee high socks.   I love this look for a few reasons.  One,  I don’t see many people wearing knee high socks and I enjoy being different.  Two when wearing black socks with black shoes it looks like you are wearing boots and it gives your outfit a sassy look.


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Something else I have started doing recently is shopping in the men’s section.  It’s kinda my thing now.   I LOVE men’s jogging pants and prefer them over women’s now.   I also like buying large sweatshirts and T-shirts and wearing them as dresses.   This is a very comfortable and a bit more daring look as I don’t usually wear pants if the shirt is long enough.  I do realize I get some looks and I can tell people are thinking,  she doesn’t have any pants on!   What do you think?  Do you think you could pull this off?


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I also wear hats often.   I wear them as an accessory but I also wear them when I am feeling lazy and do not want to do my hair.   So when you see me and I am wearing a hat it’s mostly because I am having a lazy day.    I feel very comfortable in hats and sometimes I think they give my outfit a little bit more style to a casual look.  Along with my hat you can almost always see me in sunglasses.   Sunglasses might be my favorite accessory to wear and I like to think they make my outfits look that much cooler.


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I realize these looks are not for everyone but they are for ME  and that is the whole point when it comes to fashion.   What is YOUR look?  Do you have any signature looks?  Do you have your own unique style?  Having your own  look can really boost your confidence and you might find you walk with a little bit more pep to your step.   So think outside of the box sometimes,  be a little bit more daring some days.  There are no rules in fashion!  Maybe even forget to wear pants one day 😉  I can always help you find your own unique style,  I am only a message away.

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M 

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