confidenceI think it is safe to say we all have insecurities but when you love yourself , you can learn how to embrace those insecurities and show off your best features.   There are several easy things you can do to be more confident about yourself.   Learning how to build your confidence can land you that new job you have been wanting.  It can even help improve your relationship with your partner,  family and friends.   Overall being confident about yourself will lead you to happier and healthier lifestyle.


The first thing people see when they see you, is your face.   A smile is worth a thousand words!   A smile alone can be very welcoming and warm.    A simple smile has the power to light up a room and to connect with people without saying a word.  A smile can show people that you are happy,  confident and approachable.   I think we all need to smile more!


What is your favorite feature?   Yes,  we all have insecurities but we also have features that we love and are proud of.   My best feature is probably my legs,  so this is why I wear a lot of dresses and skirts.   Show off your best feature!  If you love your curves,  then make sure we know it.  If you love your arms,  then wear sleeveless shirts and dresses.


Dressing for your body type can be life changing.   You can make yourself look taller,  slimmer or curvier all by dressing for your body type.  The four most common body shapes are Apple,  Pear,  Hourglass and Rectangle.  Dressing for your body type will make you stand tall and walk with confidence!    Sometimes I catch myself strutting down the street but I am okay with this!


Wearing colours that suit your skin tone is an easy way to make you look and feel great.  Wearing certain colours can also bring out your eyes which might be your best feature.  The first step is figuring out if you are a WinterSpringSummer or Autumn palette.  If you need help with this please message me.


Define your style!  Really make it your own,  having a signature look can give you even more confidence.  Knowing your comfort level will also help.  It’s great to think outside the box sometimes but if you are wearing something that you do not feel comfortable in,  it will show.   Remember these easy tips and you will be making power moves in no time!

confidence2Melissa Gauvreau –  Styled by M

Stay fabulous! 



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