DO YOU KNOW YOUR BRA SIZE? 80% of women don’t!!!



A few years ago my friend was in Nordstrom shopping for a new bra.  The Sales Associate measured her and apparently she had been wearing the wrong size for years.  My friend asked me to guess what size of bra she was wearing and since we are basically the same size, I guessed my size.  Wrong!  So wrong that I didn’t believe her.   She told me to try on one of her new bras and it fit!  Not perfectly but it fit much better than my current bra.  My mind was blown,  what was happening right now?   She told me she was taking me to Nordstrom first thing in the morning.   So off we went and sure enough ALL these years I had also been wearing the wrong size.  How was this possible?  I was even measured a few years ago at Victoria’s Secret.   This is when I learned that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  Eight out of ten women are walking around not fully supported,  let that sink in.  How much do you want to bet you are one of them?  I learned a lot that day.  Wearing the right size is better for your posture, making you stand taller and look thinner.   When you are wearing the right size your breasts are perkier and every woman knows this is a good look!  Honestly,  I will never forget that moment when I was standing in the change room looking at myself.  I almost cried,  tears of joy.  This was literally life changing for me.  I went from a 36DD to a 34G!  I have never enjoyed having a large chest so I was devastated when she told me my actual size.  Feeling as good as I did in that moment trumped my devastation by far though.   I left that day with three new bras and I went home and threw all my old bras into a bag to be donated.   You couldn’t even pay me to go back to my old bras ever again.



From that point on I never wanted to actually admit to anyone that I wore a 34G because it just sounded so large.   However, I recently  found out that 34G is the MOST common size.   I always thought it was 36C.  That just goes to show you how many women are wearing the wrong size because how many women do you know that wear a 34G?

They were so helpful and knowledgeable at Nordstrom,  she even taught me how to take care of my bras.  If I am going to be paying this much for good bras, better believe I am going to take care of them.   You are to wash your bras after wearing them 3 or 4 times.  Make sure you hand wash them and hang them to dry or wash them in a laundry bag on delicate cycle.   They should never go in the dryer.

You also should rotate your bras,  never wear them two days in a row.  This will stretch the bands and they will not last as long.  Wear one,  then the next day wear another.  This allows the band to relax for at least a day.

How should you store your bras,  you ask?   Laying them flat in your drawer or hanging them.  Never fold them.  I don’t even fold them anymore when I am travelling.




This past weekend my friends were in town visiting.  We spent the day shopping and I brought them to Nordstrom because I had to exchange a bra.   I was chatting with Sabrina,  the bubbly and friendly Sales Associate about women wearing the wrong bra size and my first experience at Nordstrom.    My friend Kathy says,  I know what size I am because I was measured at Victoria’s Secrets.   I looked at Sabrina and smiled.   Sabrina asked what size Kathy was and she replied 38B or 36C.  Sabrina said,  I can guarantee you aren’t.  I could tell Kathy was determined to prove her wrong.  She said okay,  can you measure me right now?   You can tell Sabrina loves her job because she grinned and said of course!   All four of us piled in the change room but if  you have shopped at Nordstrom you will know how big and comfortable their change rooms are!  Sabrina measured both Kathy and Courtney.   She leaves and comes back with a few bras.  The FIRST one Sabrina gives Kathy fits perfectly,  like it was made for her!    Courtney tries hers on,  same!!  Sabrina and I were both beaming.  The look on their faces when she told them what size they were wearing was priceless.  Kathy was in a 34DD!!  Courtney normally wears a 32B and she was in a 30DD!!  Kathy left that day with three new bras!  Courtney would have as well but this was all so unexpected but she will be purchasing new bras ASAP!  Kathy walked out of the store that day saying the exact same thing I did,  this was life changing for her!  Kathy text me as soon as she got home to say she put all her own old bras away to be donated because there was no way she could ever wear them again.

After witnessing my friends experience at Nordstrom I knew without a doubt what my next blog would be about.  Remember both Kathy and I had been measured at Victoria’s Secret and we were still wearing the wrong size!  So that should tell you right there not to get measured at La Senza or Victoria’s Secret.   I know first hand how experienced and knowledgeable the staff is at Nordstrom so I recommend going there.  I am aware that not everyone has a Nordstrom where they live.   The only other place I can maybe recommend would be small local boutiques as they usually have a wide selection of sizes and are also experienced fitters.    I truly hope I have helped you and if you have any questions, please message me!  I am really not the professional in this department but my experience was so life changing that it has made me very passionate about sharing this information with as many women as I can.  So please share this info with as many women as possible!  Helping each other,  one bra at a time! 😉

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

  2 comments for “DO YOU KNOW YOUR BRA SIZE? 80% of women don’t!!!

  1. Kathy Carvalho
    July 24, 2018 at 4:02 am

    Love, love, love!!! Need I say more!?


    • styledbymfashion
      July 25, 2018 at 2:26 pm

      You were meant to be there that day!


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