Whether it’s your first date or your 100th date….always dress to impress!

I am going to let my two worlds collide with this blog.  I used to work for a professional Match Making company and I am a now a Fashion Stylist so I will be offering some real honest advice.   When it comes to dating you should ALWAYS make a solid effort with your appearance on every single date.  This applies for a first date, several dates with the same partner or even if you are dating yourself.  (I will explain dating yourself  later,  don’t worry.)dating3

First dates can be very nerve racking and you really never know how it’s going to play out.  You really have no control over it.  There is either chemistry or there isn’t.   What you DO have control over is how you look.   All I can say is be yourself,  smile,  have fun and look your best!  When you make an effort it really shows you are interested.   Focus on your strong features.  If you have great legs,  wear a skirt.  If you have beautiful eyes, make sure your hair is pulled back from your face.   The only time you should dress like you just came from the gym is if you are going hiking or rock climbing on your date.  If you ARE going rock climbing or hiking,  still keep it cute.  Even if you are only meeting for a coffee or a drink,  wear that short skirt!  Wear that flattering pretty blouse.  First impressions are everything!  When I worked for the Match Making service you would not believe how many women complained about what the men wore on the date!  They would say,  “I had a great time,  he seems like a great guy but he wore shorts and flip flops.”   Men,  listen up!  These things matter to most women,  they just want you to put in a little bit of effort.   A little effort can go a long way.  A nice shirt and jeans are fine.  If you are going for dinner than yes probably a bit more effort will be needed if you want that second date.   I know we don’t like to compare a first date to a job interview but it really is.  The first date is an interview to see if there is potential for a second date and potentially more.  Nobody wants to waste anyone’s time when it comes to dating.  Therefore,  look your best! Make the effort, go out and enjoy yourself.  Dating can be so fun.  Who doesn’t like to dress up,  look great and spend the next few hours flirting.  Or it could easily go the other way and you could be wishing you were at home watching The Bachelor when you see him in flip flops.  Men,  we notice your shoes!  Takes notes.

Top View of Business Shoes on the floor with the text: First Imp

Dating once you are married or in a serious relationship is another level.  You probably have kids and are so incredibly busy that you have very few date nights.  Even more reason to make the effort.  This is a big treat for both of you.  Adult fun time!  Buy a new outfit,  wear something he hasn’t seen you in before.  Put on some lipstick and eye liner!  Surprise him,  your relationship could probably use it.   Same thing with the men,  when you put on some dress shoes and cologne we know it’s going to be a special night!  Life is so busy and hectic but it is STILL important to put in extra effort when you are in a relationship.  If you want me to be completely honest,  with all the temptation and cheating that goes on in the world today I feel it’s extremely important to look your best and feel your best.  Not only for your partner but for yourself too.  I know you Moms out there are saying,  okay easier said than done!  I can guarantee you though when you take time to care about yourself,  it really shows.   I am getting away with myself with this one though…. back to dating and how to dress to impress!!


Dating yourself.   This one applies to me the most so trust me when I say this is the one I know the most about.   Many of you don’t know me so I will share this with you.  I am 43,  never been married and I don’t have children.   This is my choice.  I have never wanted either.  So I have basically dated myself my whole life.  This means you and you alone are in charge of your own happiness and have complete control of your life and do what makes you happy.   So when you are single you are constantly wanting to look your best because you just never know when you will meet someone.   When you date yourself you put on a cute outfit and go explore your city.  Looking great and feeling good about yourself is just as rewarding as looking good for your date or your partner.  When you love fashion as much as I do,  you just always make an effort to look cute and feel fabulous.   So treat yourself,  get dolled up and go date yourself in your city and have the best time!  Live your best life!


I am not an expert on dating by any means and  I am not qualified on giving marriage or relationship advice but I certainly do know fashion.  Please if you have any input or questions I would love to hear from you.

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

  2 comments for “Whether it’s your first date or your 100th date….always dress to impress!

  1. Stephanie
    September 14, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    This is awesome !! And great advice! You are right it is so important to take care of ourselves and feel and look great ! ❤️


    • styledbymfashion
      September 14, 2018 at 1:48 pm

      Thank you! Appreciate the feedback!! Muahh.


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