SHOPPING….. my favorite sport and I am sharing some tips!



I have been obsessed with shopping for clothes,  shoes, bags and accessories since I was nine years old.  I can easily say this has made me some what of a professional shopper or some might use the word shopaholic.   Either way I have learned some things along the way.  Whether you love shopping or dread it, I hope you find these tips helpful.

Shop with a list!


If you are going shopping for something specific it’s important to have a list to help you stay on track and stay focused.  It’s too easy to get side tracked or overwhelmed once you are there.   Try and stick to the task at hand.   This will save you time and even money.

Set a budget!


Trust me,  I hate this part but it’s so easy to over spend.  I always have a number in my head and remind myself that I will not spend more than that number!  When I see something that I don’t particularly need I ask myself,  how many times will I actually wear it?  Or WHERE will I wear it?   I hate wasting money as I am sure we all do so be realistic about your purchases.

Try everything on!


I am the worst when it comes to trying stuff on but I have learned my lesson.  Too many times I would come home and try everything on and there was usually something that I wish I didn’t buy.   Always make sure you ask what their exchange policy is and remember sale items are usually final sale.  Always try to wear something that is easy to slip on and off as this will make it easier for you in the change room.  If you are wearing a dress and are trying on shirts remember to grab a pair of pants off the rack as you will be bottom less in the change room and you might feel a bit silly with no pants on.  Once you have on your item, move around,  lift your arms and even sit to make sure it’s comfortable everywhere.  It’s a good idea to look at yourself from every angle to make sure it looks great from the back as well.  My rule of thumb is if I don’t love it,  I don’t buy it.

What will you wear with it?

If you don’t have anything to wear with the skirt you just tried on, what are the odds you will actually wear the skirt?  Too often we buy something with good intentions that you will find a shirt to go with it and it rarely happens.  Also,  what shoes will you wear with it?  So many times I have not purchased something because I did not have the shoes to go with the outfit.  I know,  I know,  I could just buy new shoes but I am following my list remember!! See how easy it is to get side tracked?

Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale!


We see the sales rack and are normally drawn to it.  That is great… IF you need it.  Just because something was $50 and on sale for $20 doesn’t mean you will wear it.   We all like a great deal but is it really a deal if it sits in your closet?

A few other small things that could make your shopping experience more enjoyable is to make sure you are not tired,  you have eaten,  you are well rested,  you stay hydrated and you are wearing comfy shoes….. after all shopping IS a sport to some.

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!




  4 comments for “SHOPPING….. my favorite sport and I am sharing some tips!

  1. unique1981
    October 9, 2018 at 12:54 am

    Awesome!! Great tips

    Liked by 1 person

    • styledbymfashion
      October 9, 2018 at 1:09 pm

      Thank you!


  2. Kathy
    October 9, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    Your blogs are always so interesting and easy to read. Keep on writing because you’re fabulous.


    • styledbymfashion
      October 9, 2018 at 3:21 pm

      Thank you!!! I am so happy you enjoy reading them.


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