VAMPIRE FACIAL….. worth it or not?


As you know I had a Vampire Facial done at the Oxygen Medi Spa downtown Ottawa just over six weeks ago.   I have been taking pictures each week to document my results.   With each week that went by I would see a slight difference.  For those that did not read my initial blog which explained the process,  a Vampire Facial uses your own blood to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells.  It’s a combination of micro needling while applying your PRP (platelet-rich plasma) into the minute holes from the micro needling.  Your PRP contains high levels of protein and growth factors and when it’s applied to the skin it stimulates cell turnover.


I was beyond thrilled with my results my first week.   I couldn’t wait to see how I would look week six.   It takes roughly six weeks to see your maximum results because your skin continues to adjust and renew  itself.


Before I show you my final results;  which I know you are dying to see,  let’s talk about how my face healed after the treatment.  The first day my skin was pretty red,  like I had a wind burn.  Second day the redness had mostly faded but was still slightly there.   Day four and five my skin was dry and flaky.   This only meant my skin was healing.   By day six my skin was back to normal and I was patiently waiting for my results.

Vampire facial2

So yes,  with each week I could see my fine lines around my eyes fading!  Which is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!

vampire facial3So,  needless to say I am thrilled with my results and I will decide in the new year if I want a second treatment.  Some people get two or three facials to maximize their results.   I will continue to take excellent care of my skin and will even share my anti aging routine with you in a later blog.  So to answer my question,  YES it was worth it for me.  100% without a doubt worth it!  Please message me if you have any questions about the facial or simply to let me know what you think of my results.

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

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