What are you passionate about? Do that!


I know most people have heard of Arbonne and know how wonderful and natural their products are.   Arbonne is an international multi-level marketing company.  It specializes in the manufacture and distribution of health and skincare products.  Arbonne transforms lives through pure botanically based ingredients.

I am going to be completely honest and say when I first heard about Arbonne I was a bit put off because some are quite aggressive about it and how it’s sold.  I felt like this till recently when my friend, Jess Fullarton started selling it and I flat out asked her why she was doing it.  I loved her answer and how passionate she was about it.


She said, “My first interest in Arbonne was to improve my own health and wellness.  I soon found out how important it is to understand not only what you put into your body, but also on your skin.  Arbonne products had already made a difference in my life, and I wanted to share this discovery with everyone I knew.  If it could help me, I was sure these amazing products could be helpful to others.  Arbonne brings so much light and positivity into my life in many different ways.  Honestly, like I said the products speak for them selves and help me to be my best self.”

The way she said it, with such enthusiasm and how she was simply glowing had me listening.   I am a very passionate person and love hearing stories about people who are doing what they are passionate about.   I told her I would love to try some of their top sellers so I could see for myself.


One of the first things I tried and LOVED is the gel mask.   I need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night to be at my best throughout the day and when that doesn’t happen I get bags under my eyes, as we all do.   I highly recommend these to help brighten your eyes and get rid of that tired look because we all know that is not a good look!

Next,  the concealer!  I can not live with out it now.  It goes on so creamy smooth and hides any imperfections and even your fine lines.   I absolutely had to try the mascara because everyone obsesses over it and now I see why.   I love the name too! It’s called, It’s A Long Story.  It never clumps,  makes your lashes so gorgeous and long  and comes off easily!  I am looking forward to trying their glow highlight stick as I am big on contouring.

The products are endless and honestly I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love Arbonne once they try it.   My best friend Tonia is now selling it because she saw how passionate Jess was.  Tonia has put together a list of her favorite things!  If you have any questions please message myself,  Jess Fullarton or Tonia Ingham.

7 Day Cleanse (detoxifying and helps with PMS cramps)
RE9 Advance Prepwork Gel Eye Masks  (for best results keep them in the fridge)
Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads Solution (like getting a Chemical Peel without the chemicals!)
CC Cream (available in numerous colours to match your skin type)
Harmony Blend Essential Oil (can not get enough of this smell)
Shea Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm (great to have under your lipstick for extra moisture)
Rescue & Renew Detox Gelee (amazing for sun burns, hot flashes and over all coolness)
ABC Arbonne Baby Care Set (love how natural and gentle this set is for the kids, the rash cream is also amazing for eczema)
Pure Mint Deodorant (very fresh and all natural)
It’s a Long Story Mascara (great extension and you feel amazing!) 
Makeup Primer (great product to add to your routine and takes away any shine)
Energy Fizz Sticks (perfect for a pre work out treat or afternoon pick me up)


Just to be clear,  I do not sell Arbonne myself but I love talking about products I love and use and the passion behind it.   What are you passionate about?  Do that!!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

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