SEASONS CHANGE…..and so does our wardrobe!!


As Canadians we talk about the weather a lot and probably more so in the winter because it’s so cold and snowy.  Mocha and I went for a walk this weekend and for the first time this year I was not wearing my winter jacket.  The sun was shining,  the snow was melting and then I realized,  spring is actually around the corner.  I could even smell it in the air.  I started to notice people were laughing and smiling as they walked by.  The weather totally affects our mood and usually around this time of year we are over winter.   That is one of the things I love about living in Canada,  seasons change and with that so does our wardrobe!   Don’t get me wrong,  I still try to keep it cute all winter as challenging as it might be when you are trying to dress for warmth.

When the weather starts to get warmer we start to shed our mitts, scarves and hats.  Our coats and boots become lighter.   I am optimistic spring is around the corner so it’s my job to show you what we can expect to see on the streets this season.  Prepare you for your wardrobe change if you will.

Head to toe neutral….



Butterfly details…..

Pale blue…..

Polka dots…..

Bike shorts…..

One cold shoulder…..

Obviously I don’t love all of these,  you aren’t meant to.   I do like most of these looks though and I am really loving the one cold shoulder.  There is always one trend every year that I say I don’t like and I won’t be wearing and then a few months after seeing it more and more I change my mind.  This year,  it’s the bike shorts.  I wasn’t feeling it at first but I have added them to my shopping list.  Are there any you are going to add to your wardrobe change?

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

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