JOB INTERVIEWS…..and how to dress.

Job interview8

If you are looking for a job in today’s world you already know that it is not easy.  Knowing that there are probably several other people being interviewed for the same position should have you wanting to dress to impress!  You have one chance to make a great impression and let your personality and confidence shine in your interview.   Walk into the interview like you already have the job.   If you are dressed appropriately, you are already on your way to making a great first impression and that’s the first step on getting that job.   It’s always a good idea to dress accordingly to the job you are applying for as well.

There are certain colours you should wear to a job interview.  You should avoid loud colours and busy patterns.  Choosing neutral colours over bright colours shows you are serious about getting the job and you mean business.

Navy blue is a really good choice to wear and the most popular because it gives the interviewer the impression you are secure and in control.  It has also been said that navy blue shows you are calm, stable and trustworthy.

Gray is the second most popular color to wear for an interview because it allows the interviewer to stay focused on what you are saying.  Gray is also a sign of sophistication.

Black is a colour that commands attention and represents authority.  Black can also be intimidating so make sure to add an accent colour to soften your outfit.

Wearing a white dress shirt or blouse gives a clean, simple and precise impression.


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job interview7

I always say that you are your walking business card.   For example, I am a Fashion Blogger so I am usually dressed very fashionable and stylish.  I always try to show my personality through my outfit and stand out from others.  I think how you dress says a lot about your personality, so remember what you are trying to say when you step into that interview!  My best advice is dress the part, smile, stand tall and be as confident as possible.  Good luck!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

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