10 Day Challenge…..what were my challenges?


A few weeks ago I was watching Jennifer Lopez on Ellen and I heard her talking about the 10 Day Challenge her and Alex did.   Ten days,  no carbs and no sugar.  She said her trainer suggested it because she wanted to look even better than she already does for a new role.  Better than she already does?  How is that even possible?

I sprained my ankle pretty badly in April and my workouts have not been the same since.  Hearing her talk about the challenge inspired me because my workouts were so limited and I was not feeling like myself.   I didn’t waste any time.  I mentally prepared myself and stocked my kitchen with lots of veggies and meat.  I was ready to kick this challenge in high gear!


Day one,  I was feeling pretty hype.   My first big change was my coffee.  Coffee is a must in the mornings.  I normally drink it with chocolate almond milk since I don’t drink or eat dairy products made from cow’s milk.  I was not really looking forward to black coffee for the next ten days but it was actually not that bad.   My breakfast during the week did not change since I normally eat egg whites and veggies after my workouts.   Lunch was pretty much the same for me too because I eat a lot of salads with meat,  avocado and nuts.   Dinner was a bit more challenging as I eat potatoes,  sweet potatoes and pasta a few times a week.   I was feeling hungry after dinner most nights and my biggest challenge was snacks.   I was having a hard time finding things to snack on because my snacks usually consist of carbs and wine.  Wine is a snack,  right?

Several people warned me that I would get headaches and told me I might get the Keto Flu.  I was fine and didn’t experience anything like that.  I felt the same, other than feeling hungry for the first three to four days.  I was very surprised I only had one craving throughout the ten days.  I had my first sweet craving on day six but thankfully it passed quickly.  I realize it was easier for me because I live alone and I didn’t have any temptations around me.  By day ten I was glad it was over mostly because I was kind of over it.  I think I missed potatoes the most.   Am I happy I did this challenge?  Yes,  because I love a good challenge and I like to see things through to the end but was I happy with the results?  No,  not really.   I was thinking I would feel really lean and amazing.  I felt the same only I was able to eat bread again.   I am thankful I took my measurements before and after though because I did lose 3.5 inches.   Maybe I had it in my head I was going to feel more like J Lo because I am obsessed with her and she was so pleased with her results.


What I did learn from this challenge is that I do eat relatively healthy and very little sugar because I did not go through any sugar withdrawal.  I also know that I can not follow a very strict diet where I am not allowed to eat certain things.  I love all food and can not imagine not being able to eat a baked potato again.  Or french fries!  Life without french fries would be so depressing.   I will continue to live my healthy lifestyle I have been doing for years by eating as clean as possible 80% of the time and treating myself to a piece of chocolate cake or french fries 20% of the time.   Working out will always be part of my lifestyle as well and as long as I love myself and love how I look and accept I will never look like J Lo then all is right in my world.    Could you go ten days without sugar or carbs?

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

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