THRIFTING…. is this for me?


I grew up with a Mom who loves a good deal.   It’s not that we didn’t have the money to buy expensive things, but my Mom was always thrifty when it came to shopping.   I am proud that I learned that from her.  It’s just never really been my thing because I have such a specific style that I usually don’t have much luck finding things I would wear at a secondhand store.   I try to be fashion forward and I like to wear the latest trend before others.  So, when I invited my friend Pamela to come visit me for the weekend I suggested we spend the afternoon thrifting because she is a professional.  She has her own Facebook page called Thrift Love and is also a blogger and a vlogger.   So if I am going thrifting there is nobody better to go with than her.

Pamela had done her research and already had a game plan.   We were off to The Clothes Secret, Value Village and Salvation Army.  My idea of thrifting is Nordstrom Rack or an Outlet so I was looking forward to a new shopping experience.  The Clothes Secret is a cute consignment store in Ottawa and just happened to be having a massive sale.  I found an over sized shirt that I will wear as a dress.   It was $17.99 but it was 80% off so I actually paid $3.60.   That’s right!  $3.60.   I was impressed and was starting to get into the whole thrifting vibe!

Next stop, Value Village.   I found cute shoes, designer rain boots and a pretty dress.   My goal was to find a dress that was not black.  My whole closet is basically black, and I am trying to work on that.

I knew they were designer boots as soon as I saw them but had not heard of Lola Ramona before.  After googling the name I found out she is a designer from Denmark, and they were roughly 140 Euros, which is $200 CAD!  I paid $15.99.  Score!!! The camo shoes are incredibly comfortable and were $5.99.   I wiped the insides down with a Lysol wipe, in case anyone is wondering.  The dress was $23.99 which was too high in my opinion, but it was made in the UK so something different and it was colourful.  I mean yes it was still black but look at all the colourful flowers!

Overall, I was very happy with my purchases.  Is this something I will do regularly?  No, but I am more open to it now than ever before.  I always find Pamela’s sense of style to be very inspiring and wish that it suited me more because she is always so colourful and well put together.   She did bring out her black heels and black dress this weekend though as she said I inspired her as well.




Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

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