LOCKDOWN…. and staying motivated.


My 2020 started off with a bang!  I spent January and February in Vegas, living my best life…. times ten! Eating, drinking, shopping, and dating!  NYE consisted of writing down my goals for 2020, drinking champagne and fantasizing about how extraordinary my year was going to be!  February was even better.  I went to California for the first time.   I attended Brendon Burchard’s conference, HPX.   Which stands for High Performance Experience!  We learned that with high levels of vibrancy, connection and meaning we are elevated to another level of life experience.   I left San Diego feeling stimulated and focused because I was planning to really enhance my life and turn it up a notch.

I flew back to Canada February 28th with so much adrenaline.  I was happy to be home and get back to my routine.  It was already going to be March and I was elevated to see what the rest of 2020 was going to bring.

Fast forward a few weeks into March…. Covid-19 hit us fast and furious.  So much so that the world started to shut down.  Wait, what is happening?  We cannot shut down the world!  Stay home?  What do you mean stay home?   I have things to do, 2020 just started!! What do you mean I should buy toilet paper?   Apparently, we can shut down the world.  It all happened so fast, I think most of us spent March trying to figure out how long this would go on for and wrap our heads around the madness.

MotivateI was so incredibly motivated at the beginning of the year.   Some days I still am.  I want to be in the best shape of my life, so that keeps me going.  Other days, I think what is the point? Why should I work on my goals, does this year even matter?  Yes!! Yes, it does.  Each day matters.

I am here to inspire you to stay motivated.  I think it is important to keep striving to live our best life and not get in a funk.  I am not going to sit here and pretend this has been easy for me.  It has not, not even close.  Some days I am terribly angry that this is happening but then I quickly remind myself I can grow from this and it is even more important to stay motivated during this time.   I found myself feeling lazy some days and I didn’t like it.  It can be too easy to fall into a lazy routine and before you know you are in a… the less you do, the less you want to do funk.  That’s not happening!  Not on my watch.

Please do not stay in your pajamas all day.  Not getting dressed can be depressing.   I have worked from home for years and I have always showered and dressed before starting my workday.  It helps you feel ready to conquer the day.  Guaranteed you will be less productive if you work in pj’s.   I have been wearing sweats and leggings most days as I am sure most of us are.  I have so many fabulous clothes and it makes me sad they are simply hanging in my closet so some days I dress like I am going out for dinner with my friends.  Jewelry, makeup and perfume, the whole nine.  Do not be surprised if you see me in full glam at the grocery store.  Anything to feel fabulous these days.

I love music, it always motivates me to get moving.  Create a playlist and dance around the house.  It is a great way to get some cardio in while releasing endorphins to make you happy.   Crank up your playlist while you clean the house.   That always makes it fun and you will probably get it down much quicker.  That playlist might even motivate you to work out or go for a jog.   Either way I can guarantee you, listening to music will motivate you to get off that couch.


Follow motivating pages and people on social media.   If you love cooking or baking, seeing recipes and pictures of tasty food will inspire you to try new recipes.   Following personal trainers will motivate you to workout.  I have worked out at home for years, but I know a lot of people really struggle with it and are really missing the gym.  So many trainers are posting their workouts online and doing zoom classes.   A friend posted an Afrobeats cardio dance workout video and I have been doing that each morning and I am loving it.  I started watching Jen Atkin’s live hair tutorial videos which inspired me to try new hairstyles.   It helps with my glam when I go to the grocery store.  Ha!

Instead of thinking of the time we have lost over the last few months, we need to remember there are seven months left of this year.  We can still make 2020 our best year.  Here is to the next months ahead and keeping the motivated, positive vibes flowing!

Melissa Gauvreau – Stay fabulous!



CRUSHING GOALS IN 2020….. even in quarantine.


I have not written anything lately because I have not been in the right frame of mind.  COVID-19 came in hard and it came in fast.  At first, I admit I was not handling it the best.  I was having mixed emotions about it and I still am, but I have managed to stay as positive as I can in a very eerie and unknown time.  I know everyone is feeling the same, some are handling it better than others.   I thought it was best for me to wait till I had something inspiring and positive to write about.

Every year I set goals for myself.  I get excited and motivated to make sure at the end of the year I have completed them and live my year as loudly and boldly as possible.   As we all know, we have been in self isolation since March.   We have no idea when this will end so I decided to use my time wisely and start crushing my goals and try to live my best life even in isolation.


One of my goals in 2020 is to be in the best shape of my life.  This is the perfect time to improve my workouts and start eating healthier.   I already work out five days a week and eat decent BUT I knew I had to work even harder if I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. I ordered a Pilates bar and some more resistance bands and I am really enjoying my workouts.  I am thrilled with the Pilates bar and am loving my results. I also wanted to try something different and shock my body, so I started fasting almost two months ago.  Everyone keeps talking about how much they are eating during the quarantine but I have found that I am eating less because I am so dedicated and motivated to stick with my fast and reach my goal.  I feel amazing!  I don’t eat after 7 pm and don’t eat breakfast till after 11 am.  By doing this, I have eliminated snacking at night, which was always something I did.   I am not bloated, and I feel great.    I have been slowly losing weight while keeping my immune system up.  It’s been a real win win.  Intermittent fasting not only helps with weight loss, but it can also help lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, increase energy, improve motor coordination and even helps you sleep better.  I guess this is why I feel so great!

Save money

Another goal is to save money.  I got this!  I can’t go anywhere or do anything.  This one is going to be easy!   However, there is still online shopping!  Sephora is having their big Spring sale, so of course I placed an order.  Who doesn’t want to save 20%?  I also have decided to order take out twice a month and try new restaurants in the neighborhood.  It’s been fun and it’s something to look forward to.  So turns out you can still spend money while in isolation.   Even though I am spending money on take out and Amazon I still have been saving money and I am dreaming of my next big vacation!


This next goal couldn’t have come at a better time.  Meditation.   I know why people do it and I understand the benefits, but I have always thought it was a waste of time.  I tried it once a few years ago and I couldn’t get into it.  While lying there, trying to calm my mind I kept thinking about all the other things I could be doing.  I never tried it again and I gave up quickly.  Too quickly,  that is why I added it to my goals.   Since meditation helps with stress and promotes emotional health, I thought it was very fitting and appropriate.   I have only been meditating for two weeks but it is helping me calm my mind.  I meditate for five minutes after my workout every morning.  I really don’t know if five minutes is enough but honestly, it’s enough for me.  Ha ha….  and let’s not forget, this is my goal.  I don’t love doing it but it’s helping me set the tone for the day and start my day in a positive calm matter and right now that is incredibly important.

I hope everyone is safe, staying positive and working on their mental health during this unfamiliar crazy time that we are going through.   I pray every day that it’s over soon and we can all get back to our lives and live even better than we were before but till then keep being fabulous, stay strong and start crushing your goals!


Melissa Gauvreau

WHAT’S IN YOUR CARRY ON?…..and why it’s important.

Carry on

I was flying home from Vegas the other night with a short layover in Toronto.  There is always a chance your flight may be delayed or cancelled, especially in the winter.  Sure enough, I received an email the day of my flight.  My flight from Toronto to Ottawa was delayed seven hours because of a snowstorm.  I immediately repacked my carry on.   If I was going to be delayed that long I wanted to make sure I was prepared.  Good thing I did because that flight was later cancelled.  I spent 12 hours camping out in the airport.  Just me and my carry on.

What to pack in your carry on to make your life easier for any delay or long layover.

Change of clothes.   Make sure to pack a fresh pair of socks and underwear.   I also like to have an extra sweater, or a comfy hoodie tucked away.   Some airports are so cold as well as the planes themselves.  Comfortable and clean clothes are a game changer to have in your carry on.


Skin care.   The air inside the cabin feels like it sucks the life out of your skin.   I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your skin hydrated.  Make sure you have lip balm, serum, moisturizer and eye drops with you.   I prefer to use a moisturizer stick because it is not a liquid.   I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand traveling with a zip lock bag packed to the brim with liquids.  The less liquids the better.  I am obsessed with my Acure moisturizing stick and my Ulta Beauty eye brightening stick.  I bought these at Ulta but they have sticks similar at Whole Foods and Shopper’s for us Canadians.  Your skin will thank you for this.



Drinking lots of water is a must.  I must have spent close to $20 in water alone the 12 hours I was stuck in the airport.  I suggest having an empty water container with you so you can fill it up at the water stations.   No sense paying for overpriced water.

Toiletries!   I was silly and didn’t think to add my toothbrush to my carry on.  I had to buy a very overpriced toothbrush and toothpaste because there was no way I was going to walk around with funky breath for 12 hours.   Deodorant is also mandatory.  Having these toiletries in your carry on can save you from buying them in the airport and of course from smelling.


Make up. If you are like me and you like to look your best at all times, then make up is always a good idea.  I added my concealer and mascara to my liquid zip lock bag.   Concealer can work magic when it comes to hiding the bags under your eyes.  Also,  who doesn’t look better in a fresh coat of mascara?  I took it a step further and added my highlighter stick.   A highlighter is one of my must haves to give my skin a dewy fresh glow.

Now that your carry on is packed and ready to go, make sure you are comfy!

Comfy shoes

Comfortable shoes and clothes! Nothing worse than getting blisters on your feet from uncomfortable shoes.   Comfy shoes are key while flying.  Some airports are so big and there is usually a lot of walking between terminals and gates so make sure your shoes are comfy and light.

Hope everyone is feeling more prepared for their next flight.  At least I know you will be comfy, warm, clean and fabulous next time you are in the airport!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!







I am inspired to inspire others….MORE THAN EVER!


It has been two weeks since the passing of Kobe Bryant.   For two weeks I have mourned the death of a man I did not know or even really follow closely.  During these two weeks I have watched every video of him that has popped up on my news feed.  I cried during his tribute before the Lakers game from beginning to end.  I now have a clear understanding of the man that Kobe Bryant was.   He inspired so many people around the world and had such a positive impact on millions of people.   He truly was great in every way.  He has inspired men to be better fathers.  He has inspired athletes to play harder and train harder.  He has inspired people to follow their dreams and never give up.  He has inspired people to love each other harder and to live life to the fullest every day because it can all be over in a flash.


His passing has really made me take a closer look at my life.  He has motivated me to keep inspiring others.  I first started blogging because I am passionate about all things to do with fashion and beauty.  I was surprised when I started receiving messages from friends and family that my blogs and posts were inspiring.  This made me extremely happy and proud.  I am a very positive person and I want to inspire people to feel great about themselves and motivate them to live their best life.  I know I will never touch as many lives as Kobe did, but I can damn well try my hardest to inspire as many people as possible.  I think we should all inspire others.  What are you great at?  Use that greatness to help inspire others.  Let’s raise each other up and live our best lives possible!


Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!



pH balance is the new buzz word for a reason!


pH balance3


Dermatologists agree that pH levels are so important for our overall skin heath.  So, what exactly is pH balance and why is it so important for our skin?

The pH is a numeric scale that indicates how acidic or alkaline something is.   The pH scale of 1 to 14… 7 is neutral… below 7 is acidic and anything above 7 is alkaline.  Normal skin’s pH is between 4.8 to 6 and our skin should be slightly acidic.

Our skin’s acid mantle protects our skin from environmental factors that lead to aging and skin irritation.  Basically, acid mantle is our skin’s protective layer.  That barrier helps keep moisture in and bacteria out.  If your pH balance is off and it’s too alkaline then you skin may appear red or flaky and become irritated.  If your skin is too acidic that may increase your chances to have a more severe skin condition such as acne or eczema.   THIS…is why it’s so important to maintain a normal pH balance for your skin.

So how do we maintain our skin’s normal pH balance?

  • Use a pH balanced acid free toner.
  • Use a natural sunscreen.
  • Use natural pH balanced skin care products.
  • Eliminate soaps and harsh cleansers.
  • Wash your face with warm water, not hot.
  • Do not scrub your face with a rough washcloth.
  • Use topical antioxidants that strengthen your skin cells.  Such as Vitamin C.
  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of leafy greens that are filled with lots of antioxidants.

It’s hard for us to measure our pH balance ourselves but a dermatologist can help if you have any sort of skin conditions.  If you have normal healthy skin, then more than likely you have a normal pH balance.   Your skin and face are the first thing people see so take care of it and make sure to smile and feel beautiful!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!