SETTING MYSELF UP FOR EXCELLENCE… breaking this bad habit.

Breaking bad habits

In January I wrote a blog, listing my 2019 goals and one of them was to spend less time on my phone.  I started off strong.  I was spending less time on social media during the day which led to more productivity.   My problem was at night.  I found myself stuck to my phone for hours at a time, between texting and social media.  What a complete distraction and waste of my valuable time!   I found myself watching TV and scrolling through Instagram at the same time.  Realizing I missed an important part of the drama TV show I was watching and having to rewind it.   Ridiculous.   My phone was consuming me.  I know I am not alone on this.   Finally, I said, enough is enough.  I now turn my phone off during the week around 8:30 pm.

The old me…..

Alarm goes off at 6:00 am.   I reach for my phone beside my bed and turn it off. Automatically I check my Facebook and Instagram.  Just like that I am instantly immersed in other people’s lives.  I am not even out of bed yet and I am on Facebook looking to see what other people are saying and doing.  Then on Instagram seeing people’s perfect bodies and their luxurious lifestyles.  Without even know it comparing my life to theirs.   How is that going to set myself up for excellence?  Lying in bed looking at other people’s lives?  Comparing myself to them?  Why doesn’t my booty look like hers?  How do I get my booty like hers?  Best believe it’s not by lying in bed scrolling through Instagram!

The new me……

Breaking bad habits6

Alarm goes off at 6:00 am.   I hop out of bed, feeling refreshed from my solid eight hours sleep.  Brush my teeth, get dressed and walk down the street to the Marriott.   During my short walk there I plan out my day.  What do I want to accomplish that day and what do I need to do to make sure it gets done?  For the next 30 minutes I burn 330 calories swimming laps.  During my swim, I say my affirmations, I list all the things I am grateful for and I pray for my friends and family that I know need a little shout out to God.   This is multitasking at its finest.  After my swim, I sit in the sauna for five minutes.  I like to think that I meditate in those five minutes, but I am basically just enjoying the heat and how great I feel.  I am home by 7:30 am.  I make myself a protein shake and walk Mocha for 30 minutes.  Have you noticed my phone is still off?  I don’t turn it on till I sit down with my coffee almost 12 hours later.   I have already done some much in the two hours I have been awake and I am confident I just set myself up to have an excellent day!

Breaking bad habits7


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Stay fabulous!




Saving money

This time of year can be very expensive as people start their Christmas shopping so I thought it fitting to talk about little things you can do to save money.   One of my goals in 2019 was to save money.  I feel like that will be one of my goals every year to be honest.  I love shopping, I love clothes,  I love keeping up with the latest trends and I love getting them before everyone else.  Trying not to buy all the time and save money is something I will probably always struggle with.

Saving money2

Most stores will ask you for your email when you are checking out.  I have started giving them the wrong email.  One, I hate junk mail and two, they tempt you with their sale emails.  Buy one get one 50% off…. end of season sales…. before you know it, you have clicked on the email to see if there are any good deals and you now have five items in your cart.  I delete those emails now and have added most of them to my spam, so I don’t even get tempted.  Avoiding temptation is key! 

Saving money4


Saving money3

Facebook and Instagram can read your mind and if you think you need a new pair of boots suddenly sponsored ads are popping up with the exact boots you have been wanting.   Boom, temptation strikes again, you are spiraling and have a pair of boots, a sweater and a cute hat in your cart.  What the heck just happened?  One of my biggest temptations is Sephora because I am obsessed with skin care products right now.  So, I have unfollowed Sephora and I hide their sponsored ads.  I am just not strong enough when it comes to serums and moisturizers right now.

Use what you have!   Stop buying more makeup, creams, lip balms, serums or masks till you need more.   If you are anything like myself, I get excited to try a new serum and I start using the new one before my other one is done.  My old one is quickly forgotten, and I am already loving my new one.  Simply finish all your products before opening your new one so you don’t have half bottles of products taking up space and being forgotten about.   You paid for it,  use it!  I recently went through all my products that were shoved to the back and am going to use what I have before buying anything new.  Use what you have!  I also get a little thrill when I finish something, like I am proud of myself or something.  Silly, I know but it’s my thing!

Saving money6

Saving money5

This time of year and leading up to Christmas you are going to be shopping, this is something you can’t avoid.   Remember, Christmas is a time of giving.  Giving to others, this is not about you.  Do not buy for yourself.  This is always tough, I get it.  It’s so easy to see things you want and think you must have, plus it’s on sale!  One of the ways I avoid this is I go on a no buy pact.  This means I do not buy anything for myself three months before Christmas.  I am really good at sticking to this and I do it quite often because I never really need anything, and my closet is already busting at the seams.  Try to do your shopping online so you avoid stores and malls because the temptation is real my friends!

I hope these little tips help you save some money during this holiday season!  Start saving money and go on that trip you have always wanted to take!

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Stay fabulous!

MY VACATION IN JORDAN….and how I embraced their culture!!


My vacation in Jordan was a trip of a lifetime to say the least.   My friends live in Amman, Jordan and I was fortunate enough to visit them.   I never in a million years would have thought I would travel to the Middle East, but I am so thankful I am open to new experiences.  My friend, Elissa put together a remarkable itinerary and each day was better than the next and it couldn’t have been more perfect.   My first thoughts were… what do I wear?  Can I wear shorts?  Do I have to wear long dresses?  Do I have to cover my head like they do?  What is allowed and what isn’t?  Thank goodness Elissa was there to guide me and tell me when I could wear shorts and when I should wear pants.  If we were going to be in town amongst the locals I was to cover up as much as possible, no shorts or sleeveless tops.   If we were going to a tourist site, then it was okay to wear shorts but still obviously not too short.  Easy enough!

My first day in Amman was a fun packed day of sightseeing.  We went to The Citadel, the highest point of the city to see The Temple of Hercules and admire the stunning views of the city.   We then went to the Souk (the local market) and wandered through the town before stopping for lunch at a local spot, which was delicious!

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The next day we went to Mount Nebo, where Moses saw The Promised Land.  The views were breathtaking and left me speechless.   After this spiritual experience we drove down the valley to The Dead Sea!!  This exceeded my expectations.   We bought a day pass and swam in the pool and spent a much needed day of relaxation.   Towards the end of our day we made our way down to the Sea and when I say down, I mean down!  The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth!!  You can’t swim in the Dead Sea, but you can float!  There is a high concentration of dissolved mineral salts in the water and since our body weight is less dense your body automatically floats.   We covered ourselves in mud from the sea, sat in the sun for 10 minutes till we were dry and then floated in the sea.  The mud from the sea is high in minerals, such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium, so it nourishes the skin leaving it remarkably silky soft!!!  Better than any spa day that you pay for here!

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Next on the itinerary was Jerash to see the Roman ruins.  This is where I bought an Arabic scarf and had one of the locals wrap my head Bedouin style to protect me from the blazing sun.  It really did keep me cool.  Followed by Petra, an ancient city carved from stone and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.  This is where my dream came true and I rode a camel! I rode three to be exact over the next few days.  It was such a calming and thrilling experience.  Then we were off to Wadi Rum to camp in the desert.  This was such a spiritual experience and by far my favorite.   Star Wars and the new Aladdin movie were filmed in Wadi Rum and I truly felt like I was in a movie while we were there.

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My trip was coming to an end and what better way to close out my whirl wind of a vacation than swimming in the Red Sea in Aqaba!

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I know how truly fortunate I am to have experienced all of these amazing things.  I learned a lot about their culture and I really embraced it.  However, my first day in Amman was the only time I felt people were staring at me.  My dress was very long and shapeless, and I felt like I was wearing a tent so the fashionista in me tweaked it by pulling it up and tying it in a knot.   I thought it looked great, but Elissa was quick to point out the looks I was receiving.  I didn’t understand why till she told me it was because my leg was showing.  My initial reaction was, it’s just my lower leg!  It’s barely anything!  I then noticed that the women were sending me disapproving looks.   I didn’t understand it, I wasn’t grasping what the big deal was but then quickly realized I didn’t need to understand it I only needed to respect it.  From that day forward I felt completely comfortable and safe everywhere we went.


This trip made me realize how fortunate we are that we live in a country that allows us to dress freely and be our own individuals.   We have so much freedom and I really took that for granted but not anymore!  We live in completely different worlds and I am not sure how well I would do living in a country that forced me to dress a certain way and act a certain way.   I did however love learning about their customs, culture and traditions.  I loved every minute of my experiences while I was there and I feel like I really grew as a person.  I was open to everything around me which really enhanced my experiences while I was there.

I truly believe they are happy with their culture and their religion is extremely important to them.  They probably don’t understand our western ways and how we dress but if we respect each other and learn from each other then this is all that really matters.

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!


FALL FASHION….who else is excited??


Summer ’19 you have been amazing.  We had almost perfect weather and I have soaked up as much sun and spent as much time outdoors as possible.  Sad to say, it is quickly coming to an end though.  Kids are going back to school soon.  The days are becoming shorter.  The nights are a bit cooler.   It’s okay though because it’s time to get excited for my favorite time of year, fall!  I am not talking pumpkin lattes people; I am talking about boots and sweaters!! Time to get excited for fall fashion!  Time to find out what is coming in hot this season!

Cinched suits.

Belts are a must to pull off this fashion trend.   Throw on a blazer, cinch it with a belt and voila!  I am excited to try this look with my new Steve Madden belt I bought on sale at Simons.




All satin everything.

As pretty as satin is, not everyone can wear this material.  It is very clingy and shows every curve.  That won’t stop me from wearing a sexy satin dress or skirt though.  I just need to find the right one that suits me.   Adding this to my fall must haves for sure!


50 shades of purple.

Good thing most people can wear purple as it is everywhere this season.  Time to get your purple on.


Micro bags. 

Micro bags may be tiny, but they are here in a big way.   Can my phone even fit in there?


Stick a feather in it.

Feathers are making an appearance everywhere, even boots and shoes.   This trend might not be for everyone, but it is definitely here!


Statement hats. 

Hats are one of my favorite accessories.  I think it’s time to step my hat game up though and make a statement.


Long coats.

The longer your hem on your coat this fall, the better!


Asymmetric neckline.

This neckline is particularly nice for anyone who doesn’t enjoy strapless.   The one cold shoulder look is very classy and stylish.


Dripping in gold.

Wearing gold is bold and confident.  It’s not just for the Grammy’s.  It’s time to shine this season!



Not all heroes wear capes but fall fashionistas sure do.


Power shoulder!

80’s are back in a powerful way.  I wasn’t a fan then and I am not a fan now but it is making a big come back whether I like it or not.


Square neckline.

I am loving this romantic renaissance look.



So there we have it.  Fall fashion 2019.   I am ready for it but first let’s enjoy the last bit of summer to the fullest.  Time is passing us by too quickly to wish fall upon us just yet.

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

What’s hot and what’s not……

whats hot10

This is not your typical fashion what’s hot and what’s not blog.  I am not about to tell you what is hot this season and what is not.   I want to talk about personality and how it’s hot to be kind, thoughtful and positive.  Be the kind of person that people want to be around.  That is hot! 

What’s hot? 

Uplifting others! I love when I see people supporting and uplifting others.  I particularly love seeing women empowering other women.  Being genuinely happy for someone else’s success is hot!  I love surrounding myself around inspiring people.  Inspiring people inspire others to be better and that is a beautiful thing.  There is no limit to success so why not wish success for everyone,  there is enough for all us.


What’s not?

Tearing others down!  This is such an envious thing to see.  I see a lot of this, especially on social media.   It’s such a massive turn off for me.  I think this mostly comes from people who have low self esteem and I am not sure they even realize the damage that this can cause.


What’s hot?  

Positive people are on my hot list!  People who can find the positive in every situation are my kind of people.   Positive people always have a great energy about them and who doesn’t want to be around great energy?  Positive people are usually smiling and happy and that is contagious!  This world needs as much positive energy as possible!

whats hot6

What’s not?

Negative people!  Negative people are usually scowling and look miserable.   I avoid these people at all costs because they can be so draining.  Please don’t mess with my positive vibes!   I often wonder if they even realize how negative they are.  I am a firm believer that you get what you put out there.  So if you are thinking negative thoughts then you will receive negative things in your life.   I don’t understand it, I am just not wired to think like that so that’s all I have to really say about this one.


What’s hot?

Kind people.  I wish there were more kind people in this world.   We can all do better at this one.  Everyone deserves kindness and compassion.  Thoughtful,  caring,  helpful and gracious all mesh with being a kind person.   Like Ellen says at the end of every show,  be kind to one another.  It’s not a hard thing to do but I see us struggling with this one.


What’s not?

Inconsiderate and unkind people.  These are the people that can ruin your day.  Unkind people can be bullies and they get off on putting others down.  The compassionate side of me realizes that these people don’t love themselves they way that they should.  So I will send them positive vibes and hopefully they realize that being unkind gets you nowhere in life.

So, what do you think?  Did you make it to my hot list?  Or not so much?  I will continue to work on my hotness and try to be the best person I can be.  I think I can improve on a few things myself.   Nobody is perfect and I am always learning and growing and that is hot!!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!