Are any of us ever really ready for swim suit season?  I think it’s safe to say most men and women do not ever feel 100 percent confident walking around in a bathing suit.  Bathing suits have us feeling vulnerable and I think most of us feel very exposed walking on the beach or laying by the pool in only a bathing suit.   Even the most confident person is much more aware of their body while wearing a bathing suit.

I am loving one pieces these days.  There are so many flattering and stylish one pieces that I really can’t see myself wearing another bikini again.  My bikini days are over and I have really embraced the one piece.

I am 43 years old and I don’t think there has been one time that I have absolutely loved how I look in a bathing suit.   This is why I think it’s important to invest in a really flattering bathing suit that suits your body type.  I am big chested and curvy so support is a must when I am shopping for a bathing suit.  Last year I spent way too much on a bathing suit at Nordstrom but I absolutely love everything about it.  The colour,  the neckline and especially the built in tummy control.   As much as I try to stay positive about my body and love all of me, I can’t help but wish my tummy was flatter and my thighs were slimmer.  These are things I can work on and improve but I that would mean eating much cleaner and I do really love my food.  So, till then I will walk around in my overpriced bathing suit that I feel my best in.

There are so many things you can do to feel more confident in a bathing suit.  Accessories!!!  Big floppy hats are so fun and stylish!

Get yourself a cool cover up.  They can instantly give you all the confidence you need.   I absolutely love mine!

bathing suit 7

Nail polish!  You will never see me without my toes and hands painted.  I do them once a week and I feel they complete my outfits.  I am loving these neon colours.  They are fun and perfect for summer.

Sunglasses are my favorite accessory.   It’s so important to protect your eyes from the sun.   I am not going to lie,  sometimes I feel like a movie star when I wear my sunglasses.  Is that weird?  Maybe…. but it’s true!

So next time you have to wear a bathing suit,  embrace it.  Add some fun accessories,  throw on a pair of cool shades that make you feel like a movie star and rock it!


Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!





10 Day Challenge…..what were my challenges?


A few weeks ago I was watching Jennifer Lopez on Ellen and I heard her talking about the 10 Day Challenge her and Alex did.   Ten days,  no carbs and no sugar.  She said her trainer suggested it because she wanted to look even better than she already does for a new role.  Better than she already does?  How is that even possible?

I sprained my ankle pretty badly in April and my workouts have not been the same since.  Hearing her talk about the challenge inspired me because my workouts were so limited and I was not feeling like myself.   I didn’t waste any time.  I mentally prepared myself and stocked my kitchen with lots of veggies and meat.  I was ready to kick this challenge in high gear!


Day one,  I was feeling pretty hype.   My first big change was my coffee.  Coffee is a must in the mornings.  I normally drink it with chocolate almond milk since I don’t drink or eat dairy products made from cow’s milk.  I was not really looking forward to black coffee for the next ten days but it was actually not that bad.   My breakfast during the week did not change since I normally eat egg whites and veggies after my workouts.   Lunch was pretty much the same for me too because I eat a lot of salads with meat,  avocado and nuts.   Dinner was a bit more challenging as I eat potatoes,  sweet potatoes and pasta a few times a week.   I was feeling hungry after dinner most nights and my biggest challenge was snacks.   I was having a hard time finding things to snack on because my snacks usually consist of carbs and wine.  Wine is a snack,  right?

Several people warned me that I would get headaches and told me I might get the Keto Flu.  I was fine and didn’t experience anything like that.  I felt the same, other than feeling hungry for the first three to four days.  I was very surprised I only had one craving throughout the ten days.  I had my first sweet craving on day six but thankfully it passed quickly.  I realize it was easier for me because I live alone and I didn’t have any temptations around me.  By day ten I was glad it was over mostly because I was kind of over it.  I think I missed potatoes the most.   Am I happy I did this challenge?  Yes,  because I love a good challenge and I like to see things through to the end but was I happy with the results?  No,  not really.   I was thinking I would feel really lean and amazing.  I felt the same only I was able to eat bread again.   I am thankful I took my measurements before and after though because I did lose 3.5 inches.   Maybe I had it in my head I was going to feel more like J Lo because I am obsessed with her and she was so pleased with her results.


What I did learn from this challenge is that I do eat relatively healthy and very little sugar because I did not go through any sugar withdrawal.  I also know that I can not follow a very strict diet where I am not allowed to eat certain things.  I love all food and can not imagine not being able to eat a baked potato again.  Or french fries!  Life without french fries would be so depressing.   I will continue to live my healthy lifestyle I have been doing for years by eating as clean as possible 80% of the time and treating myself to a piece of chocolate cake or french fries 20% of the time.   Working out will always be part of my lifestyle as well and as long as I love myself and love how I look and accept I will never look like J Lo then all is right in my world.    Could you go ten days without sugar or carbs?

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

JOB INTERVIEWS…..and how to dress.

Job interview8

If you are looking for a job in today’s world you already know that it is not easy.  Knowing that there are probably several other people being interviewed for the same position should have you wanting to dress to impress!  You have one chance to make a great impression and let your personality and confidence shine in your interview.   Walk into the interview like you already have the job.   If you are dressed appropriately, you are already on your way to making a great first impression and that’s the first step on getting that job.   It’s always a good idea to dress accordingly to the job you are applying for as well.

There are certain colours you should wear to a job interview.  You should avoid loud colours and busy patterns.  Choosing neutral colours over bright colours shows you are serious about getting the job and you mean business.

Navy blue is a really good choice to wear and the most popular because it gives the interviewer the impression you are secure and in control.  It has also been said that navy blue shows you are calm, stable and trustworthy.

Gray is the second most popular color to wear for an interview because it allows the interviewer to stay focused on what you are saying.  Gray is also a sign of sophistication.

Black is a colour that commands attention and represents authority.  Black can also be intimidating so make sure to add an accent colour to soften your outfit.

Wearing a white dress shirt or blouse gives a clean, simple and precise impression.


larger pic

job interview7

I always say that you are your walking business card.   For example, I am a Fashion Blogger so I am usually dressed very fashionable and stylish.  I always try to show my personality through my outfit and stand out from others.  I think how you dress says a lot about your personality, so remember what you are trying to say when you step into that interview!  My best advice is dress the part, smile, stand tall and be as confident as possible.  Good luck!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

LIFE….it can be short so live it loudly and to the fullest.


The last few weeks have been very difficult for a lot of people I love.  Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things you will go through.  When things like this happen it always makes me appreciate life even more.  This blog is not going to be a sad one or about death it is going to be an uplifting one, full of life because life is precious and a valuable gift.   Life can get busy and hectic and it is easy to get caught up in our every day lives but it is very important to enjoy each day to the fullest.


If there is something you have been wanting to do, I say do it now!  Time to stop putting things off and making excuses.  We simply do not know when our time will run out and you don’t want to live your life regretting anything.  If you have been wanting to take a trip and you keep saying you don’t have time or don’t have the money,  you could live your whole life not taking that trip.  Take action,  start saving today or take the time off work and do it!  If you have been wanting those expensive shoes and you know you will love them and wear them, go buy them!  Life is meant to be enjoyed to the maximum.


Is there something that you are afraid to do?  Part of embracing life and living it to the fullest is facing your fears.  This can be so rewarding and life changing.  Some people are afraid to fly and refuse to get on a plane.  Imagine all the places in the world they will never get to see,  the experiences they will never get to experience,  the food they will never get to eat and the people they will never get to meet.   Some people are afraid of water and can’t swim.   They will never get to so snorkeling or feel the ocean waves crash over their face.   Our fears can stop us from experiencing some amazing things that life has to offer.  Imagine what is on the other side of your fears waiting for you?!



What are your passions?  Write down everything that you are passionate about.  What makes your heart happy?  What makes you excited?  Do more of those things!  Fill your life with passion,  live that exciting life that you deserve.  Now write down the things that don’t make you happy and try to eliminate them.  Don’t tolerate things in your life that you don’t have to.  Surround yourself around happy and positive people who love you.  I think as we get older we become stronger and we should create boundaries and not let people or things get past those boundaries.


Over all we should breath deeply and live our lives passionately and loudly.  We should live our healthiest lives and take care of our bodies.  We should worry less and love more.   Our world we live in today needs much more love in it and I think we can make it a better world if we all just loved ourselves and others more.   I know most of us are trying our hardest but this was just a gentle reminder that life is precious and we should appreciate each day and live our lives as greatly as possible.


Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!





WEARING COLOUR…..and what it says about your personality.



The colours we wear can say a lot about our personality.  Most of us have a favorite colour that we tend to gravitate to.  You might not be aware of it but experts say that on a subconscious level we are drawn to certain colours depending on our emotions,  our personality and our mood at the time.


PURPLE – Stands for wealth, royalty and sophistication. 


Purple can suggest that you have a charming and creative personality and usually has a love for the arts.  By wearing purple it shows that you are confident with a mixed personality who can be both calming and unpredictable.  People who wear purple are usually mysterious, imaginative and ambitious.

ORANGE – Says you are unique and exciting.


Not a lot of people enjoy wearing orange or can wear orange.  If you are a lover of orange you are different than most.   Orange says you are bubbly with an energetic personality!  You are usually the life of the party,  you are warm and love having a great time.  You are friendly,  appealing and approachable.  Wearing orange says you are enthusiastic,  determined and fascinating.   I think we need to start wearing more orange!

BLUE –  You are loyal and confident. 


Blue is one of the most popular colours that people love to wear.  It indicates you are confident, successful and loyal.   It is a very comforting and soothing colour so people are comfortable around someone who is wearing blue.  A dark blue such as navy blue is the colour suggested to wear for a job interview because it gives off an ‘ in control ‘ vibe and shows off your strong personality.   Blue also represents stability, trust and intelligence.

YELLOW – You have a happy,  fun and positive energy.


Yellow is the sunshine colour.  It makes people feel happy and uplifted.  Yellow is known to improve concentration so this is a great colour to wear to work or school.   Women who wear yellow are very feminine and vivacious.  Wearing yellow says you are adventurous,  clever and have a good sense of humor.  It stands for wisdom and imagination.  Wearing too much yellow can be very over powering and intimidating so be careful with this colour.

RED – Says you are passionate and outspoken. 


Red is the colour of love,  passion and romance.   You can be a risk taker, sometimes aggressive and strong-willed.  You love to live your life to the fullest.  You are not scared easily and you love attention.  Red can be a very intense and emotional colour.  It is known to enhance appetite and metabolism.   People who wear red are usually outgoing,  impulsive and full of energy.

GREEN – You are serene and soft. 


Green is a soothing colour that is easy on the eyes.  Wearing green shows you have a soft heart and you are a caring person.  You want to be well liked and known.  You like to comfort people and you care for the environment.  You can be mysterious but charismatic.  You have an active social lifestyle and you are well known in your community.  You want to feel secure with your finances and your relationships.  Green stands for safety, growth and harmony.

BLACK – Exudes luxury and elegance.


Black is popular with women because it is flattering, classy and gives the illusion of being slimmer.  It stands for authority,  power and luxury.   Black can also give off a cold and unapproachable vibe so this is why adding a pop of colour is a good idea.  Black is associated with wealth,  intelligence and the unknown.  Wearing black says that you want to be taken seriously in an elegant way.  Black says authority and independence are important to you.

GREY – Says you prefer your space.


Grey is subtle but also elegant.  Wearing grey often means you are neutral in your beliefs and personality.  You do not want to draw attention to yourself and you enjoy your space.  Grey can mean that you are indecisive, sometimes emotionless and detached.  It also is a formal, conservative, and sophisticated colour.  Grey is timeless and practical.

WHITE – You are pure and optimistic. 


White stands for pure, innocent and simple.  Wearing white means you are a reliable person with an optimistic view of life.   You love the sense of freedom and new fresh beginnings.   You appreciate good things and like perfection.

PINK – You are kind and feminine. 


Pink says you have a soft,  affectionate,  comforting personality.  You do not like violence or cruelty what so ever.  You can be vulnerable at times.  You are kind,  generous and caring person.  You are sensitive to the need of others and people are drawn to your warm personality.  You are very nurturing and can be protective.

BROWN – You are dependable and steady. 



Wearing brown shows that you are reliable and stable.  You are rational and prefer to be sensible about things.  You do not rush into something,  you like to consider all your options first.  Brown promotes communication.   You are sincere,  slightly conservative and peaceful.

SILVER – You love adventure and are up for anything.



You are sophisticated and not shy to stand out and be the centre of attention.  You do not like negativity in your life and you are emotionally stable.   You are adventurous and sometimes live on the edge.  Silver is associated with wealth, maturity, and intelligence.  You can be considered futuristic and you are open to change.   It is a powerful and glamorous colour.

GOLD – You are charming and creative. 


Not everyone can pull off this metallic colour so this shows how confident you are.  When you wear gold you look unique and stylish, while showing off your charismatic personality.  You like to be respected and you make others feel valued.  People feel comfortable being around you.  You are warm and compassionate.  Wearing gold shows your creative side.  You tend to make others feel empowered when they are in your presence.

I loved writing this blog and learning more about my personality.  I wear mostly black, pink,  blue and recently just started wearing red.   What do your colours say about you?

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!