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LIFE….it can be short so live it loudly and to the fullest.


The last few weeks have been very difficult for a lot of people I love.  Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things you will go through.  When things like this happen it always makes me appreciate life even more.  This blog is not going to be a sad one or about death it is going to be an uplifting one, full of life because life is precious and a valuable gift.   Life can get busy and hectic and it is easy to get caught up in our every day lives but it is very important to enjoy each day to the fullest.


If there is something you have been wanting to do, I say do it now!  Time to stop putting things off and making excuses.  We simply do not know when our time will run out and you don’t want to live your life regretting anything.  If you have been wanting to take a trip and you keep saying you don’t have time or don’t have the money,  you could live your whole life not taking that trip.  Take action,  start saving today or take the time off work and do it!  If you have been wanting those expensive shoes and you know you will love them and wear them, go buy them!  Life is meant to be enjoyed to the maximum.


Is there something that you are afraid to do?  Part of embracing life and living it to the fullest is facing your fears.  This can be so rewarding and life changing.  Some people are afraid to fly and refuse to get on a plane.  Imagine all the places in the world they will never get to see,  the experiences they will never get to experience,  the food they will never get to eat and the people they will never get to meet.   Some people are afraid of water and can’t swim.   They will never get to so snorkeling or feel the ocean waves crash over their face.   Our fears can stop us from experiencing some amazing things that life has to offer.  Imagine what is on the other side of your fears waiting for you?!



What are your passions?  Write down everything that you are passionate about.  What makes your heart happy?  What makes you excited?  Do more of those things!  Fill your life with passion,  live that exciting life that you deserve.  Now write down the things that don’t make you happy and try to eliminate them.  Don’t tolerate things in your life that you don’t have to.  Surround yourself around happy and positive people who love you.  I think as we get older we become stronger and we should create boundaries and not let people or things get past those boundaries.


Over all we should breath deeply and live our lives passionately and loudly.  We should live our healthiest lives and take care of our bodies.  We should worry less and love more.   Our world we live in today needs much more love in it and I think we can make it a better world if we all just loved ourselves and others more.   I know most of us are trying our hardest but this was just a gentle reminder that life is precious and we should appreciate each day and live our lives as greatly as possible.


Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!





LOVE YOURSELF….all of yourself!

lips6When I was a young girl I hated my nose!  I thought I looked like a chipmunk and I did not like that the tip of my nose turned up.  I remember when I was about five or six years old I would sleep with my face squished into the pillow to try to flatten my nose!  Good thing I never suffocated!  How silly was that?!   I look back now at how ridiculous that was and how even at a young age we find things that we do not like about ourselves.  Let’s just say I have grown into my nose and I think it’s adorable now.


Look how cute we were though,  seriously?  How could anyone at that age hate their nose and want to change it so badly?  Looking at this picture I wonder what my brother thought about his chubby little cheeks?!  Back to me though,  this blog is about me!  ha ha….

Then came high school.  I will never forget when I started hating on my lips!  I started realizing how big they were and wishing that they were smaller!  One day a friend jokingly called me platypus.  Do you know how huge platypus lips are?  Well actually they aren’t even lips they are more like a duck’s bill.  I laughed and played it off but my massive lips were all I could think about for the next few years.  This magically changed when people started talking about how hot Angelina Jolie was and how gorgeous her big lips were.  I started thinking to myself that maybe mine weren’t so bad after all.  Over the years big lips became quite the thing and now people go as far as injecting their lips to make them big and plump.   So as it turns out, I win!  My plump lips,  my chipmunk nose and I all win!


There were other things that I struggled with along the way.   Wishing I was prettier,  wishing I was thinner and wishing my chest was smaller.  Once I started accepting that these things made me unique and different from everyone else I really started loving myself…. all of myself!   It’s truly an empowering feeling when you get to that point.  It took me a long time to get to where I am but I love that I did and I love that I can help others get there as well.

Most of us have things about ourselves that we do not like or might even hate,  even the most beautiful people in the world have things they wish they could change about themselves.  Once you learn to embrace everything about you and truly love every part of you it will show and you will be even more beautiful.

I have decided to dedicate the whole month of February to love.  Self-love!  Loving myself a little bit more each day and I really encourage you all to do the same.



Melissa – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!