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I am inspired to inspire others….MORE THAN EVER!


It has been two weeks since the passing of Kobe Bryant.   For two weeks I have mourned the death of a man I did not know or even really follow closely.  During these two weeks I have watched every video of him that has popped up on my news feed.  I cried during his tribute before the Lakers game from beginning to end.  I now have a clear understanding of the man that Kobe Bryant was.   He inspired so many people around the world and had such a positive impact on millions of people.   He truly was great in every way.  He has inspired men to be better fathers.  He has inspired athletes to play harder and train harder.  He has inspired people to follow their dreams and never give up.  He has inspired people to love each other harder and to live life to the fullest every day because it can all be over in a flash.


His passing has really made me take a closer look at my life.  He has motivated me to keep inspiring others.  I first started blogging because I am passionate about all things to do with fashion and beauty.  I was surprised when I started receiving messages from friends and family that my blogs and posts were inspiring.  This made me extremely happy and proud.  I am a very positive person and I want to inspire people to feel great about themselves and motivate them to live their best life.  I know I will never touch as many lives as Kobe did, but I can damn well try my hardest to inspire as many people as possible.  I think we should all inspire others.  What are you great at?  Use that greatness to help inspire others.  Let’s raise each other up and live our best lives possible!


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Stay fabulous!



HOW I MADE MY GOALS EVEN BETTER!! ….2019 my best year ever!


I was feeling pretty motivated when I wrote my previous blog about my 2019 goals.  That was until I attended the most amazing conference in Nashville last week.  Get this,  it was called Best Year Ever.  The next three days were intense as Michael Hyatt spoke to us and with each passing day you could feel the excitement in the room growing.  During this time he taught us why it was important to make goals each year and how to actually achieve them.  Let’s just say I came home feeling so focused and powerful.  It was clear to me that I needed to write another blog about my goals but this one would be much more inspiring!


Our first day Michael told us that we were all meant to reach our dreams!  We learned to design our break through year and how it was important to be as clear as possible when writing down your goals.   He told us to be clear on our destination and imagine your outcome.   We all have domains in our life and they all work together like a symphony.  When all our domains are balanced and fulfilled it creates a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Our domains are Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Physical,  Marital,  Parental,  Social,  Vocational (work life) ,  Avocational (hobbies) and Financial.   When making your goals at the beginning of each year make sure to write them down!  Start working towards each goal NOW!  If your goal is to save money, don’t tell yourself you will start when you are out of debt.  Go see a Financial Planner and start to get out of debt right away.  Start your goal where you ARE not where you wish you were.  Don’t be embarrassed where your now is either.   In order to set yourself up for a successful year you must take some time to reflect on your previous year and be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you have any regrets.  Acknowledge them,  learn from them and let them go.  Do not bring your regrets into the new year.   It is extremely important to believe in yourself and suspend any disbeliefs you might have.  A good idea is to start saying daily affirmations out loud to yourself every day.  I always thought affirmations were kind of cheesy to be honest but daily affirmations are now a new goal of mine.  I say them out loud  to my self every morning in the shower.   Does my dog wonder who I am talking to?  Probably!  The key is to be consistent with them and make them part of your daily routine.  Now I feel like I am multi tasking when I am in the shower, it’s rewarding!  It’s the small things people!


It’s also important not to be overly goal orientated.  This can set you up for failure.  Michael suggests having 7 to 10 yearly goals.  I originally had three!  I now have seven exciting goals.  Some people might get over whelmed by this and not know where to start so it’s a great idea to break them down to quarterly goals and start with the easiest task first.

Our second day we learned how to face our fears.  Voicing your fears to yourself helps minimize your fear.  Imagine all that you can accomplish once you face your fears and what is waiting for you on the other side of your fears.   We then learned how to make a good goal even better!  This was the exciting part for me.  An example of this……

Good goal….. I will workout.

Better goal….  Exercise five times a week at 6:30 am for an hour starting January 15th.

Your goal should start with an action verb, include a start date and be as specific as possible.


Your goals should be risky!  Risky goals ignite your imagination,  they demand creativity,  they enhance results and they inspire enthusiasm!   Your goals should also be exciting and inspire you.  You should also give your self a dead line to reach each goal.  Give yourself less time than you need and do not set the dead line for the end of year.

Creating daily habits and rituals are crucial to reach your goals!   I never knew this and found this part very interesting.  Amazingly enough, 90% of people do not have rituals.  The 10% that do succeed!  I now have a new morning routine and nightly routine.  My morning routine is waking up at 6 am during the week in order to work out at 6:15 am.  I workout for an hour and then walk Mocha for 20 to 30 min.  I say my affirmations while I am in the shower.   I make my social media posts and then don’t check social media again till lunch.  I watch TV while I eat breakfast and then I am ready to start work day at 9 am!  My nightly routine is writing in my grateful journal at 9 pm while watching TV (during a commercial)  at 9:30 pm I set my phone on top of my work out clothes that are already laid out across the room.   This is so I have to get out of bed to turn off my alarm.  This way I don’t lay in bed looking at my Facebook for 15 min. and waste time.  (that was what 2018 Melissa would do)  I read for 30 min and turn the lights out at 10 pm.   I have a great night sleep and wake up refreshed and energized for another exciting day!  Those simple morning and nightly routines are helping me work towards four of my seven goals!   1.  working out   2. daily affirmations   3. less time on social media   4.  reading every day.  Boom!! How can I NOT reach these four goals this year?  I am already doing daily tasks in order to get there!   This is a recipe for success my friends!


In order to keep the momentum going and stay focused all year you need to write down your motivations for each goal.   At the end of each week read over these motivations in order to keep you on track.  Your motivations are your why.  You never want to lose your why.  Why am I even doing this?  Your motivations will tell you and keep reminding you why you are doing this.  Be prepared to have a messy middle along the way.  You might find you want to give up at some point but going back to your why will motivate you to keep going.  If your goal is to workout then some of your motivations might be….

  1.  So I can look and feel better
  2.  To lose weight
  3.  To live a healthier lifestyle


Day three we learned how important gratitude was.   Gratitude keeps you motivated and keeps you hopeful.  It can also improve your patience.  You won’t get more of what you want until you are grateful for what you already have.  This is why I have started writing in my grateful journal every night.   I write down five things I am grateful for.  They could be small things or big things.   You might be grateful that the sun was shining that day or you might be grateful that you paid off your credit card bill.   We also learned how to make each goal happen and how to determine the next steps to reach your goals.  You don’t need to know the whole path on how you will get to your goal, just starting with the first few steps and creating momentum is key.    Play full out with your goals!  Don’t have a plan B.  Why set your self up for failure?  You can experiment and change strategies if something doesn’t work but don’t change your goal completely with a Plan B.   Review your 7 to 10 goals every day.   Review your list of motivations for each goal at the end of each week so you don’t lose visibility of your goals along the way.  Ask your self each day what can I do today to move towards my goals?   I have also started asking myself this…. Will this bring me closer towards my goal or will it bring me further from my goal?  When you reach your goal give yourself a reward!  Celebration is very powerful and gives you a sense of progress and confidence.

This is how I turned my three previous goals into even better goals……..

1. Good goal –  I am going to change my workouts so I am leaner and stronger.

Better goal –  Workout out five times a week at 6:15 am for an hour every week starting Jan. 15th by incorporating Ballet,  Yoga and Pilates.

2.  Good goal –  I am going to read more.

Better goal –  Read for 30 minutes every night starting Jan. 15th.

3.  Good goal –  I am going to blog for a local store.

Better goal –  Write a blog for a store starting in April.  I will complete a course on blogging in January.  I will update my website in February.  I will create a blog portfolio in March so I am fully prepared in April.

I really hope that I have inspired some of you to pounce on your goals and to use this information in order to set yourself up for your best year ever!   Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need some help setting your goals for 2019.



Fun facts….

42% of people are more likely to reach their goals simply by writing them down.

8% of people are successful with their resolutions.

The average person makes the same resolution ten times!!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!







2019 GOALS…this will be my best year yet!


Some people think New Year’s resolutions are cliche.  I have never really been one for resolutions to be honest but I always make new goals each year.   I love fresh new starts and what better way to start a new year by making some rewarding goals.  I find this time of year very exciting and motivating.  At the end of each year I take some time to reflect.   I think about everything I have accomplished and the lessons I have learned.  Then I think about new goals and how to make the new upcoming year even better.  I like to have goals that will help enhance my life in all areas.  Mind,  body and soul!    I write them down and think about why they are my goals and what I need to do to reach them.


This year I am going to read more.  I watch way too much TV.   I LOVE reality shows,(don’t judge).  As fun as this is,  I know it does nothing for my mind.  Curling up with a great book is the perfect way to escape from every day stress.  I am also taking some courses on U Demy.   For those who have never heard of U Demy,  it is an online platform that has over 45,000 courses!   They average around $25 each and they have every course imaginable.  From photography,  sports,  public speaking, acting, modeling to writing.  Basically everything you could ever want to learn is available on U Demy.  https://www.udemy.com/



I have been working out almost my whole adult life.  It is something that I do regularly and I can’t see this ever changing.  Living a healthy lifestyle is part of my every day life.  It’s so important to change your workouts and push yourself to new limits.  I have been lifting weights for years now and I feel I really need to change things up.  I started doing yoga last week but with resistance bands.  I am loving it and I think my body is truly thanking me.  I sit at a desk for eight hours at a time and that is incredibly hard on your body.  My goal is to stay toned but to be leaner.  To maximize this goal I will be eating way more greens in 2019.   I want this to be my fittest and healthiest year yet!


I wrote my very first blog nine months ago.   Writing about fashion,  beauty and self care is something that I am passionate about and passion is great for the soul!   My goal in 2019 is to start writing for a local clothing store.   This goal really excites me because this is something I never saw myself doing a few years ago, so it goes to show you that you never know where your journey will take you.  In order to accomplish this,  I need to build a larger audience.   My main focus is to get more people to follow my blog.  So keep sharing and following my blog,  I really appreciate every one of you!

I live a very healthy, adventurous and happy life.  I know that I am blessed and I am grateful every day for all my blessings.  I also know that I have such an amazing life because I continue to learn and grow.  I really hope I have inspired you all to think about what you want in 2019 and take action to make sure you reach your goals or resolutions.  Remember no goal is too small or too big.   Let’s make this year our best year yet!!!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

DON’T GET STUCK IN A RUT…. Change can be invigorating!!


Are you afraid of change?  Are you stuck in a rut?  This can happen so easily and maybe even become a bit depressing.  People tend to get comfortable in their lives and become afraid of the unknown.   Change can be healthy and exciting if you have the right mind set!


There are several things you can do to change how you look and feel,  starting with your hair!   Some people have had the same haircut for years!  A fresh new style or colour can make you feel like a whole new person.   Try stepping outside of your comfort zone.  If you don’t like it,  remember hair grows back or you can easily change the colour back to something you are more comfortable with.   Life is short,  take a chance and trust your hair stylist!

Updating your wardrobe will make you feel stylish and have you strutting down the street in no time!  I suggest buying a few new things every season.   Find out what the hot new colour is and buy a sweater or a pair of boots that colour.  You don’t need to spend tons of money on a whole new wardrobe either.  Sales racks and thrift shops can be your best friends!  You don’t have to be super trendy and wear what everyone else is wearing but I definitely think everyone should have some new outfits that they feel amazing in!


Do you wear make up?  Try doing something a little different.  Watch a You Tube video and learn the proper way to apply eye shadow.  Make your eyes pop!  Wear a little bit of eye liner and maybe even some lipstick.   A little bit of make up can give you a healthy glow and accentuate your best features.  Remember your face is the first thing most people notice about you.   I would even suggest booking a make up session at Sephora or MAC.  They can really give you some helpful tips.


Do you wear glasses?  When is the last time you bought a new pair and had someone help you pick them to suit the shape of your face?  I recently bought a new pair as mine were so old and outdated and made me feel tired and blah.


These simple little changes can really make a difference.  I am always finding ways to help boost my confidence because let’s face it,  we all feel a little blah sometimes and need a pick me up.  When you feel great,  you look great!  So the next time you are feeling like you are in a funk,  throw on your new pair of boots,  some lipstick and go for a walk but make sure you are strutting!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!