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CRUSHING GOALS IN 2020….. even in quarantine.


I have not written anything lately because I have not been in the right frame of mind.  COVID-19 came in hard and it came in fast.  At first, I admit I was not handling it the best.  I was having mixed emotions about it and I still am, but I have managed to stay as positive as I can in a very eerie and unknown time.  I know everyone is feeling the same, some are handling it better than others.   I thought it was best for me to wait till I had something inspiring and positive to write about.

Every year I set goals for myself.  I get excited and motivated to make sure at the end of the year I have completed them and live my year as loudly and boldly as possible.   As we all know, we have been in self isolation since March.   We have no idea when this will end so I decided to use my time wisely and start crushing my goals and try to live my best life even in isolation.


One of my goals in 2020 is to be in the best shape of my life.  This is the perfect time to improve my workouts and start eating healthier.   I already work out five days a week and eat decent BUT I knew I had to work even harder if I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. I ordered a Pilates bar and some more resistance bands and I am really enjoying my workouts.  I am thrilled with the Pilates bar and am loving my results. I also wanted to try something different and shock my body, so I started fasting almost two months ago.  Everyone keeps talking about how much they are eating during the quarantine but I have found that I am eating less because I am so dedicated and motivated to stick with my fast and reach my goal.  I feel amazing!  I don’t eat after 7 pm and don’t eat breakfast till after 11 am.  By doing this, I have eliminated snacking at night, which was always something I did.   I am not bloated, and I feel great.    I have been slowly losing weight while keeping my immune system up.  It’s been a real win win.  Intermittent fasting not only helps with weight loss, but it can also help lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, increase energy, improve motor coordination and even helps you sleep better.  I guess this is why I feel so great!

Save money

Another goal is to save money.  I got this!  I can’t go anywhere or do anything.  This one is going to be easy!   However, there is still online shopping!  Sephora is having their big Spring sale, so of course I placed an order.  Who doesn’t want to save 20%?  I also have decided to order take out twice a month and try new restaurants in the neighborhood.  It’s been fun and it’s something to look forward to.  So turns out you can still spend money while in isolation.   Even though I am spending money on take out and Amazon I still have been saving money and I am dreaming of my next big vacation!


This next goal couldn’t have come at a better time.  Meditation.   I know why people do it and I understand the benefits, but I have always thought it was a waste of time.  I tried it once a few years ago and I couldn’t get into it.  While lying there, trying to calm my mind I kept thinking about all the other things I could be doing.  I never tried it again and I gave up quickly.  Too quickly,  that is why I added it to my goals.   Since meditation helps with stress and promotes emotional health, I thought it was very fitting and appropriate.   I have only been meditating for two weeks but it is helping me calm my mind.  I meditate for five minutes after my workout every morning.  I really don’t know if five minutes is enough but honestly, it’s enough for me.  Ha ha….  and let’s not forget, this is my goal.  I don’t love doing it but it’s helping me set the tone for the day and start my day in a positive calm matter and right now that is incredibly important.

I hope everyone is safe, staying positive and working on their mental health during this unfamiliar crazy time that we are going through.   I pray every day that it’s over soon and we can all get back to our lives and live even better than we were before but till then keep being fabulous, stay strong and start crushing your goals!


Melissa Gauvreau


Saving money

This time of year can be very expensive as people start their Christmas shopping so I thought it fitting to talk about little things you can do to save money.   One of my goals in 2019 was to save money.  I feel like that will be one of my goals every year to be honest.  I love shopping, I love clothes,  I love keeping up with the latest trends and I love getting them before everyone else.  Trying not to buy all the time and save money is something I will probably always struggle with.

Saving money2

Most stores will ask you for your email when you are checking out.  I have started giving them the wrong email.  One, I hate junk mail and two, they tempt you with their sale emails.  Buy one get one 50% off…. end of season sales…. before you know it, you have clicked on the email to see if there are any good deals and you now have five items in your cart.  I delete those emails now and have added most of them to my spam, so I don’t even get tempted.  Avoiding temptation is key! 

Saving money4


Saving money3

Facebook and Instagram can read your mind and if you think you need a new pair of boots suddenly sponsored ads are popping up with the exact boots you have been wanting.   Boom, temptation strikes again, you are spiraling and have a pair of boots, a sweater and a cute hat in your cart.  What the heck just happened?  One of my biggest temptations is Sephora because I am obsessed with skin care products right now.  So, I have unfollowed Sephora and I hide their sponsored ads.  I am just not strong enough when it comes to serums and moisturizers right now.

Use what you have!   Stop buying more makeup, creams, lip balms, serums or masks till you need more.   If you are anything like myself, I get excited to try a new serum and I start using the new one before my other one is done.  My old one is quickly forgotten, and I am already loving my new one.  Simply finish all your products before opening your new one so you don’t have half bottles of products taking up space and being forgotten about.   You paid for it,  use it!  I recently went through all my products that were shoved to the back and am going to use what I have before buying anything new.  Use what you have!  I also get a little thrill when I finish something, like I am proud of myself or something.  Silly, I know but it’s my thing!

Saving money6

Saving money5

This time of year and leading up to Christmas you are going to be shopping, this is something you can’t avoid.   Remember, Christmas is a time of giving.  Giving to others, this is not about you.  Do not buy for yourself.  This is always tough, I get it.  It’s so easy to see things you want and think you must have, plus it’s on sale!  One of the ways I avoid this is I go on a no buy pact.  This means I do not buy anything for myself three months before Christmas.  I am really good at sticking to this and I do it quite often because I never really need anything, and my closet is already busting at the seams.  Try to do your shopping online so you avoid stores and malls because the temptation is real my friends!

I hope these little tips help you save some money during this holiday season!  Start saving money and go on that trip you have always wanted to take!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!

MY NAME IS MELISSA…..and I am a Shopaholic.


I love shopping, always have and always will.  When I am happy, I shop.  When I am sad, I shop.  When I am bored, I shop.  When I travel, I shop.  You get the point.  There is a rush I get when I am shopping and it’s something I prefer to do alone.  It is literally one of my favorite things in life.

In January I was in Nashville for a conference about goal setting and setting yourself up to have your best year ever.  One of my goals was to save money.  How was I going to do that?  By shopping less.  I don’t need anything.  I have enough clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to dress ten women and it’s all jammed into my tiny downtown condo.  So, it was there at the conference I told myself after Nashville I would not buy anything till June 1st.   This was early January so almost five months of no shopping!  Could I do this? There was no way I could start immediately because Nashville has so many cute neighborhoods with the most unique boutiques and I planned on visiting all of them.   So, I made sure I thoroughly enjoyed my last shopping hurrah.

In February I had my first temptation.   I wanted to get a new winter coat and the end of the season is the time to get one because they are on sale.   Then I remembered this whole not shopping kick I was on.  I started talking myself into it.  It’s not really shopping if it’s something I need.  It would be on sale, so I would be saving money!  Then to make matters worse I found one I loved.   It was in my shopping cart for two days and I was almost going to click buy and then realized if I did this, I would have not only failed but I would not even have lasted a month.  This was the coat…. I still feel sad looking at it.  What are the odds it will still be available in June?  shop11

I was tempted a few times online and really really wanted all of these.   I still really really want them!  Facebook ads are going to be the death of me!

I was even in Vegas in April and I did not buy anything but makeup and only because my eye shadow palette shattered on the plane.  I walked by H&H and almost died when I saw massive signs saying 70% off.  70% off?!?!  That is almost free, it wouldn’t really be shopping if it was free, would it?  I kept walking; I don’t know how I did but I kept walking.

Twice I met a client at Nordstrom to go shopping.   So there I was in the men’s section thinking I got this.  I am working, today is about my client not me.  While he was in the dressing room, I found myself with a pair of Champion cut off joggers in my hand looking for the price tag.  One might think I was safe because I was in the men’s section but I wear men’s sweats!  I was basically torturing myself.   So, I did what I had to do, I ran out of there!!  Ha, no I slowly walked back to the dressing room to wait for my client and kept thinking June can’t come fast enough.

Fast forward a few months, 132 days to be exact and I still have not bought anything, not one article of clothing.   There were times I didn’t think I would make it.  I can see the finish line, only 12 more days.  There is no stopping me now.  These past months have been uber challenging for me, but I am incredibly proud of myself.  So much so that I am going to reward myself with a shopping spree on June 2nd.  I will be in Vegas again and best believe my first stop will be the Outlets!!  Thinking about this makes my heart race and I get butterflies in my stomach.  If I am going to be addicted to anything, I am glad it is shopping and if my only real struggle is not buying anything for 5 months then I am beyond blessed.

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!