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DON’T GET STUCK IN A RUT…. Change can be invigorating!!


Are you afraid of change?  Are you stuck in a rut?  This can happen so easily and maybe even become a bit depressing.  People tend to get comfortable in their lives and become afraid of the unknown.   Change can be healthy and exciting if you have the right mind set!


There are several things you can do to change how you look and feel,  starting with your hair!   Some people have had the same haircut for years!  A fresh new style or colour can make you feel like a whole new person.   Try stepping outside of your comfort zone.  If you don’t like it,  remember hair grows back or you can easily change the colour back to something you are more comfortable with.   Life is short,  take a chance and trust your hair stylist!

Updating your wardrobe will make you feel stylish and have you strutting down the street in no time!  I suggest buying a few new things every season.   Find out what the hot new colour is and buy a sweater or a pair of boots that colour.  You don’t need to spend tons of money on a whole new wardrobe either.  Sales racks and thrift shops can be your best friends!  You don’t have to be super trendy and wear what everyone else is wearing but I definitely think everyone should have some new outfits that they feel amazing in!


Do you wear make up?  Try doing something a little different.  Watch a You Tube video and learn the proper way to apply eye shadow.  Make your eyes pop!  Wear a little bit of eye liner and maybe even some lipstick.   A little bit of make up can give you a healthy glow and accentuate your best features.  Remember your face is the first thing most people notice about you.   I would even suggest booking a make up session at Sephora or MAC.  They can really give you some helpful tips.


Do you wear glasses?  When is the last time you bought a new pair and had someone help you pick them to suit the shape of your face?  I recently bought a new pair as mine were so old and outdated and made me feel tired and blah.


These simple little changes can really make a difference.  I am always finding ways to help boost my confidence because let’s face it,  we all feel a little blah sometimes and need a pick me up.  When you feel great,  you look great!  So the next time you are feeling like you are in a funk,  throw on your new pair of boots,  some lipstick and go for a walk but make sure you are strutting!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!