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DO YOU LOVE TO TRAVEL? Try these helpful packing tips next time.

Who doesn’t love to travel?  How many times have you over packed or under packed?  These helpful tips will make sure you pack…… just right!!


Let’s start with your first outfit,  your travel outfit.  I always try to be as comfortable as possible but still stylish.  I also dress in layers because some airports can be so cold as well as the flight itself.  Nothing worse than being cold on a plane,  train or bus.

I pack a day outfit and a night outfit for each day I will be away.   It’s very important to pack according to the weather.  Is it going to rain?  Will it be cold?  Will it be hot?  Being prepared for the weather is everything.  I plan what I will be wearing at least a week a head of time,  sometimes several weeks in advance but that is me being obsessive.   I try on each outfit to make sure it’s comfortable,  looks great and I feel amazing in it.  I take a picture of each ensemble,  including shoes and purse.  The day before I am traveling I pull everything from my pictures and the packing begins.  Planning my outfits ahead of time makes the process effortless and I am done in no time.   To make sure you don’t forget anything, think of what you will need starting from your head (hats and hair products) down to your toes (socks and shoes).  To avoid wrinkling,  roll your clothes instead of folding them.  This is a great space saver as well as stuffing your socks and underwear into your shoes.  If you plan on doing any shopping while away,  remember to save room in your suitcase for your purchases.

Speaking of shoes.  I know most women like to pack as many shoes as possible but they take up too much room.  I like to plan my outfits around my shoes and only bring two or three pair including the pair I will be wearing.

Have you ever had shampoo or body wash leak all over your clothes?  I have and it’s not pleasant.   A great way to protect your things in case anything leaks is to put all your liquids in one of those “barf bags” you see on the plane.  Every time I fly I grab one of the bags that are in the back of the seat.


Following these little tips will have you packing like an expert in no time.  If you have any tips you would like to share please do.  Happy travels everyone!

Melissa Gauvreau – Styled by M

Stay fabulous!